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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  December 11, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EST

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tax cuts tag team. president obama enlists the help of former president clinton to persuade democrats on the tax deal. will it work? mysterious steps in the murder of swimsuit designer.
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hear what police think happened. you're going to hear more on what elizabeth smart had to say. think yourself thin? why researchers are saying imagine each bite .maybe you'll eat less. we'll get more of that for you. i'm alex witt. welcome to msnbc saturday. it's 8:00 a.m. on the nose. we have new moves on the white house in the ongoing push to secure a tax cut deal on capitol hill. the president called on bill clinton yesterday to try and sell reluctant democrats on the plan. >> i'm glad to be here because i -- i think the president made a good decision and because i want my country to do well. the agreement taken as a whole is, i believe, the best bipartisan agreement we can reach to help the largest number of americans. >> nbc's athena jones is live at the white house for us. good saturday morning to us, athena. >> good morning, alex. >> this thing was a mix of the past and the present all rolled
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into one. it had some of us going, what? like a double tape. >> it was a bit of a blast from the past and the fact that the white house brought out the former president is a sign of how important it is for them to get this deal done and to get it done quickly. they're running out of time. this meeting, this 3:00 p.m. meeting yesterday one-on-one i the oval office was something that obama aides had been on the schedule for several weeks. but certainly the trip to take questions was a culmination of a week-long effort by this white house to sell this tax deal in the face of stiff opposition from members of the president's own party. these are democrats who are angry that this compromise with republicans would continue, would extend the bush era tax rates, the lower tax rates for wealthy americans. they're angry about the estate tax rate that this deal would set, the lowest rate in some eight decades. so you saw yesterday bernie sanders, independent senator from vermont, he took to the
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senate floor and spent eight hours railing against this deal. bringing president clinton out was a way aimed at getting democrats on board. republicans by and large are for the deal. here is what one incoming republican had to say about the deal. >> certainly encouraging to see that president obama has proposed a potential agreement to stop all the tax hikes scheduled to take effect on january 1st. failing to stop all the tax hikes would mean taxes would go up for small businesses all across this country, destroying more jobs. >> so in order to help convince democrats that this deal is a good one, democrats like president clinton and the white house have been focusing on what it would do to stimulate the economy. you had president clinton saying that if i were president, this is the deal that i would strike. it's going to help make sure that the economy doesn't slip back into a recession. you've had white house officials point to go economists forecasts
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saying that this deal could add half a million to a million and a half jobs to the economy. they point to the payroll tax holiday, this 2% reduction for the next year as something that will stimulate the economy. they say the extension of unemployment insurance for months, something republicans have stood in the way of rebeatedly is something that will help boost consumer spending. while they're low to use the term stimulus, they're focusing on what the stimulative effects could go of this tax deal, alex. >> athena, may i ask you quickly, this meeting between president obama and this former president, was that on the books for on a long time? >> that's what they say. obama aides were asked about this and they said it's been on the schedule for several weeks. the white house secretary joked and said president obama is a busy man. this is not someone you could call up at the last minute and say, swing on by. but it was scheduled to be a
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closed meeting. there wasn't a pool spray or anything. we didn't expect to hear from president clinton. when they came out, they didn't have time to pump out a new e-mail release changing the schedule. they announced over the loud speaker, everyone who is here, come to the pret press room. that's what they did and we'll have to see if it works, alex. >> an ththena jones, thanks. we invite you to watch "meet the press" tomorrow with david gregory. watch meet the press for all of the comments tomorrow on nbc. more snow is on the way for the upper midwest. the arctic blast originated in the pacific northwest and it dumped heavy snow on high elevations of washington state friday. minnesota, wisconsin and illinois could all be slammed by the snow today and see up to a foot of accumulation. let's go to meteorologist bil n karins for the forecast. >> what a troublesome forecast
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as we go through this weekend. a lot of people are trying to get their holiday arnsdz done, maybe get the christmas tree hanged and the lights. you're not going to want to do any of that in the northern great lakes. we have blizzard warnings out there coming out of south dakota through southern minnesota, iowa. portions of nebraska and illinois. winter storm warnings from minneapolis to green bay up to marquette. we're under a winter storm watch, chicago up to saginaw and north of detroit. that's the general area where the worst of the weather is going to be today. already, we've had heavy snow in much of wisconsin and southern minneso minnesota. there's bands of heavy snow, zero visibility and windy conditions. that's sioux falls. sioux falls is just getting nailed. now sioux city is getting a pretty heavy band of snow. up around minneapolis, we're expecting snowfall totals to be upwards of a foot by the time this is all said and done. green bay, 6 to 12 inches for you. the biggest problem in chicago will be the cold and kindy conditions. here is your saturday forecast. there is the snowstorm in the northern portions of the midwest
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and great lakes. just light rain developing in the southeast. by the time sunday arrives, we're talking about dangerous and blustery and dangerous windchills throughout the great lakes. now it's plunging down to the southeast. by the time we get to monday, no one is going to avoid this latest arctic blast and this one will be worst than the one we just finished opinion back to you. >> thank you so much. the man convicted of kidnapping elizabeth smart will learn his fate in about five months. he was found guilty of kidnapping liz better smart from her utah home when she was just 14 years old. after the verdict, she spoke to reporters. >> i hope that not only is this an example that justice can be served in america but that it is possible to move on after something terrible has happened and that we can speak out and we will be heard. once again, thank you so much. i am excited to go back and complete my mission.
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thank you to everyone for everyone's prayers and support. >> very composed young lady there. mitchell will be sentenced and faces up to life in prison. elizabeth edwards will be laid to rest today in north carolina. the author, political wife, lawyer, health care advocate and mother of four will be remembered at a public service at 1:00 p.m. eastern. michelle is live in north carolina. what can we expect today? >> good morning, alex. we're in the heart of lidz elizabeth edwards's community. this is the same church where she grieved for the life of her son, wade, who died in a car accident at the age of 16. the people here knew her well. you truly feel the sense of sadness to lose someone that is so young. they tell us in life she was the one who was always comforting them when they would feel sorry for her. >> it's a struggle today. how to memorialize a life so
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complex, punctuated by heart wrenching tragedy and good public work. at elizabeth edwards's funeral, her 28-year-old daughter, kate, an attorney like her mother, will speak to the congress degree investigation that could number more than a thousand. >> is this hardship for us? yes. it's another hurdle. >> the tragic death of her 16-year-old son, wade, her bout with cancer and her husband's affair. >> but didn't want to define her by that. she forged her own path. and the public embraced elizabeth, who didn't try to be perfect, but helped where she could, an advocate for health care reform and others fighting cancer. >> this is an issue that doesn't know political boundaries. it knows moral boundaries. >> where questions might have been difficult to ask her. in fact, she was the one who openly described her feelings here two months ago. >> part of what i want to do is reclaim my story. it belongs to me and to my children and i wanted them to
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not think of me as victim. i don't want to be. i'm not a victim. >> one of her closest friends is trying to come up with the right words for her eulogy. glenn bergenfield knew elizabeth since law school. >> i owe her this. and i feel that i owe her to do it with courage. i hope i succeed as she would. >> here they are back then when john edwards, who is not one of the speakers today, but was with elizabeth when she died at home with their children. they have been separated a year. >> john is having a very difficult time for all of the things that have happened. john -- john loved her. john has loved her a long time and he's lost her, too. >> elizabeth on the campaign trail once said she married him because he was the single most
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optimistic person that she had ever met. but in the difficult years that followed, it seemed that she was the one who possessed the boundless hope and her words are the ones quoted in defining a successful life. alex. >> michelle, a great package there. thank you for sharing it with us. we'll speak with you again. >> we'll have live coverage of the funeral service for elizabeth edwards. starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. a major winter storm is slamming the upper midwest today. up to a foot of snow is possible along with fridge rid temperatures. the weather channel's scott williams is in minneapolis for us, in the upper part of that town. it's coming down worse than it was last hour. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alex, and good morning, everybody. this is the latest arctic invasion and we are not even in winter. winter doesn't officially begin for another ten days and this is the third snowstorm to hit the twin citys and this is the major snowstorm that we are looking at right now.
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you can see the snow is coming down and folks are having a little trouble on some of the side streets as far as maneuvering, but crews have been out. you can see the snow blower right there and also shovels, shovelers are going to come in handy a little later on today. and if you have to venture out, you'll want to have that emergency kit. but before all is said and done, the area could pick up wards of 12 to maybe 18 inches in some localized areas. but not only will we deal with the snow. we'll deal with the wind and the bitter cold. the wind, not that bad right now, but we could see wind gusts by later on this afternoon into this evening. that will make it feel like 20 degrees below zero. alex. >> i can't even respond to that 20 degrees below zero. i'll leave it right there. good morning and good luck. casino police are looking for mass gunmen caught on
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a major break this morning
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in the case of a fashion designer found dead in the bathtub of a posh new york city hotel. let's go live to michelle franzen with the latest. what is this new development? >> in the last 24 hours, there has been a major break in this case. now the soho hotel is at the center of a homicide investigation after a promising and talented fashion designer was found dead in a hotel bathtub. her boyfriend under arrest as the lone suspect. >> sylvie cachay was a talented designer and good friend. >> i think she had a sweat for life and she was really fun. >> but her life came to a violent end thursday morning inside the members only soho house and hotel. a member discovered the
8:18 am
partially clothed body face up and submerged in after overflowing bathtub after guests in the room reported a leak in the building. investigators on the scene say her neck had red marks along with a bite mark on her hand. they also found prescription pills in the room. friday night, police arrested cachay's boyfriend, nicholas brooke on charges of attempted murder and strangulation after obtaining a search warrant to take swaps and samples from his fingernails. her death, ruled a homicide, has devastated family and friends who say she dated brooks for six months and recently tried to end the relationship. >> we don't know much about this guy. he wasn't in her life for very long and shouldn't have been in there to begin with. >> shock. just complete shock. >> brooks is the son of joseph brooks, the oscar award winning song writer of "you light up my life." he faces his own battle.
8:19 am
the 24-year-old reportedly checked into the hotel with cachay. before her body was discovered, cameras show brooks leaving the hotel and returning several times. cachay had a membership to this posh hotel once featured in "sex in the city." >> i want add man who would commit, not a man who was committed. apparently we have to be more specific. >> in the last year, with the line fizzled after investors pulled out. >> we were all waiting for her to have her comeback. >> a comeback and life cut short. >> as for those attempted murder charges against brooks, police say that those could change, depending on the outcome of the toxicology results that are due back in the next several days, alex. and that will determine the exact cause of death. >> all right. michelle franzen, thank you very much. big developments in the case of a missing 12-year-old girl.
8:20 am
brittany smith is safe this morning after she was found in california. the girl went missing a week ago in virginia after her mother was found dead in their roanoke county home. joining me live now, investigate iive crime reporter michelle segona. what do you know about how brittany watts found and who she was with? >> i received a call late last night from the fbi. what i was told was that brittany and the suspect were found in san francisco. they were at a retail store when a good smar tin tipster actually noticed them, contacted authorities. authorities went out there, made the discovery, made the recovery and made an arrest. so right now, they are both, brittany and the suspect, they are both in san francisco. he will wait extradition back to roanoke, virginia, and brittany right now, investigators, i'm sure, are talk, her and taking their time with her and trying to find out information. she will be brought back to virginia, as well, to be paired back up with her family.
8:21 am
>> they're trying to be very acceptsive, i'm sure. what about the latest you're hearing on the investigation into brittany's mother's death? >> brittany's mom's death this is horrific. it was ruled a homicide earlier this week. and so at this particular point, no one has been charged with that homicide. but obviously, investigators have possibly some idea as to who may have done this to her. so they're moving forward with that investigation. i'm sure that they will also be debriefing brittany on that. and, you know, brittany is really going to have a long road ahead of her with the ordeal that she went through, being with this man for such a long period of time, also dealing with the death of her mom and kind of coming back to reality and back to her home and back to the area where she -- you know, where she grew up and also with her mom and sort of moving on from that point. >> i'm curious about another situation you have featured on your website, a husband and wife on the run wanted for murder in l.a. are police now -- do they say
8:22 am
they have custody of them now at this point this morning? >> that is correct. the u.s. marshalls apparently closed in on them late last night in los angeles. they had some information. the marshalls out there are a very hard working team. i'm sure they infiltrated into the homeless community. at this particular point, that investigation will move forward. they are wanted for dismembering a man within their community, a man that would reach out, that will help the homeless, that would help other people and left hit body parts allegedly inside of a motel room. he was cut to pieces. and so this is just a horrible case which now finally may see some justice. >> all right. michelle segona, thank you very much for that. we'll talk to you again later. >> have a good day. >> you, too. america's top three presidents results are out and
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if you want to shed a few pounds this holiday season, apparently all you have to do is think yourself thin. a new study shows weight loss is possible by changing your mind-set which allows you to control how much food you eat. so how exactly does this work? and does it work? let's check in with samantha heller. good morning. >> good morning. >> can you really think ourselves thin? >> no. >> there we go. we're done. >> what this study did was looked at about 50 people. they had half the group image eating m&ms through cheese cubes over 30 times. what they found is they ate less of these foods from people who didn't imagine it 30 times. in real life, i don't think
8:27 am
anyone is going to sit down and image eating a food 30 times. >> when you say imagine, you're imagining yourself eating, smelling, chewing. >> for some people, it may back fire. it may make them want the food more. the one thing you can take from this study is it's really good to eat ksh licensepy so while i don't think we're going to sit down and imagine eating something 30 times, it's good to be thoughtful and be aware of what you're eating because so many times we're eating and we don't realize it. when i say to people, what did you eat yet yesterday? they go, uhh, i don't know. >> so you're saying this study is too good to be true. >> it's a little too good to be true. food cravings are emotional, psychological, you see a food, you smell a food. you might want to do it when you're bored or stressed. very different than hunger which is a physiological need to eat. you want to not get overhung
8:28 am
iry, especially during the holidays when there's chocolate and cook is everywhere. a little protein helps manage hunger. >> does that help break food cravings? food cravings are a problem. when you get them, you want to go and have the snack attack. so if you're eating regularly small little things, does that help? >> i think it does. i think not getting overhungry helps those cravings and being aware of what those triggers are, if you're bored or stressed, are you more likely to go nuts with the chocolate fondue? some people say indulge, have a little bit of your craving and then it won't go away. others say let the craving past. i think you have to find what works beth for you. >> you do, indeed. thank you so much. great gadget gifts you can get for that someone special. they're coming up.
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castrol edge. it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering. welcome back to msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt. there is new amateur video taken during an angry protest thursday night in london. it shows student protesters attacking a car carrying prince charles and his wife, camilla. listen to this. >> off with their heads. off with their heads. >> off with their heads. >> scum. >> scum, off with their heads, clearly those protesters were angry and it's about tuition hikes. tell us what happened here. tell us what happened as the royal couple was approaching. >> morning, alex. prince charles and camilla were
8:33 am
on their way to the theater in central london when their limo came under attack. they drove into the heart of the riots when their car was forced to slow down almost to a stand still. this video was taken on a mobile camera phone. the demonstrators were charging off with their heads and scum, scum. the window was then smashed and the doors were dented by kicks and the car was splattered with white paint. when you look at camilla's face through the window, you can see she looks absolutely terrified. eventually, the police driver manages to accelerate ahead with the couple fortunately unhurt. >> you can imagine the concern there inside that car. but the reaction since then, what has that been like? >> the reaction came really quickly, alex. the incident has been widely condemned. the prime minister called it shocking and regrettable. the police said that the armed officers shows real restraints
8:34 am
and they were moment from pulling their weapons. the police have come under an inquiry that they failed to spot that danger in the first place. there was a breakdown of communications which has led to embarrassment and there's talk about whether security needs to be stepped up around the royals or if this was a one-off incident. there is a question of anarchists are creating havoc in the lead up to the wedding between kate and william. wikileaks documents revealed britain's ambassador to the vatican grew concerned in 2009 after pope benedict made an offer to members of the aingely can church. the church said any anglicans who were opposed to female priests were welcome in the catholic church.
8:35 am
just a short while ago, convicted murderer amanda knox gave an emotional plea in peruse ya. knox said the court has made a huge mistake. she's vowing to apole her conviction for the murder of her british roommate. good morning to you. amanda, having broken down in tears, she had heretofore been pretty strong in the courtroom. how was this perceived? >> well, actually, everyone was very surprised because it was not part of the procedure. amanda knox asked the appeal escort judge if she would be allowed to speak? he said now? she said yes and she went with a declaration of her nnt innocence. she said she definitely did not murder her roommate. that she and her former boyfriend who is also on trial and also appealing his guilty verdict had nothing to do with this. it does come a little bit late in the trial because we expected this same sort of, if you will,
8:36 am
denial of the crime to happen during the regular trial. she has always proclaimed her innocence, but not quite this strongly or emotionally. she did obviously pay respects to her former roommate, meredith kircher. she said to the kitchener family that she felt deemly sorry for their loss. she also said this. she said the diabolical, dangerous and jealous and violent person described by the prosecution, that is not me. so she was quite adamant about that, alex, that she did not commit this crime. this is really just the beginning of a preliminary hearing, if you will, for the appeals trial, which we expect to last for the next two, three, maybe five months. >> all right. keith miller, we'll have more for you throughout the morning. thank you so much. alaska senate candidate joe miller is considering an appeal after a judge on friday threw out a lawsuit miller had filed against the state.
8:37 am
miller says misspelled ballots for write-in lisa murkowski should not be counted. he wants a hand count of every ballot cast. but a judge now says even without the contested ballots, mer cow ski is in the lead and there is no basis for his claims of irregular layerties. back to washington now, two presidents teaming up to sell democrats on a new tax cut compromise, bill clinton joining president obama for an impromptu press briefing on friday. clinton, or the other guy as the president calls him stayed behind at the podium long after the president left for a holiday party. doris goodwin, a great saturday morning to you. we're so glad you're here, dooress. what do you make of these two presidents sharing the spotlight in the briefing room? >> it's a rare thing. we've seen formal pictures of presidents together in the oval office. but that kind of impromptu setting is a very good photo
8:38 am
open for president obama. clinton's popularity is sky high. the memory of his having come back from the '94 loss to a remarkable victory in '96, i'm sure all that is what president obama will have put into americans' hearts right now. >> what do you think the lessons are from the clinton experience that president obama should pick up on? >> everybody talks about what he did was to reach out to the republicans to try ang ewe late, to get welfare reform through. and all of that is true and already i think republicans are saying obama did that in terms of this tax cut. but i think the real reason that he was able to win again was that he lanced some of the stories that people felt about him in terms of welfare reform. but it was the economy. so i think the most important lesson for obama right now is still full speed ahead to get that economy mobilized. without it, 2012 will look very
8:39 am
different than it would with it. >> let's put on your presidential historian hat here. the americans' opinions now on all the presidents in the past 50 years. americans gave these three presidents the lowest approval ratings. lyndon johnson, george w. bush, 47% and at the bottom, richard nixon, 29%. this is the first time that george w. bush has been part of this poll. as a former president, what do you make of that's rankings? >> well, you know, i think what happens is when the popular people look at approving or disapproving, it's the memories of recent times that become most important. un-luke the historian polls which look at accomplish manies, which look at foreign policy achievements, here, the fact that these guys are low, some of the distance there, i mean, i will fight to the end for lbj not being that low. he or shens would claim he keeps coming up-and-up and up and yet these people only remember vietnam, probably, rather than medica medicare, aid to education, head
8:40 am
start. george bush, he's lower, but not as low as one might have expected when he left office. after they leave office, we feel better about them than when they were there. >> but in toerchls a historian perspective, richard nexton, all you did with china, you're going to put him up higher? >> well, i don't know. yes, i think he deserves credit for some of the foreign policy and domestic achievements, as well, but watergate will always been a scandal that will be very hard to take away from president nixon. >> johns f. kennedy at the top. he's got 85% approval followed by ronald reagan at 74%. bill clinton, 69% approval. and his numbers have kicked up in this last year. why do you think these three have remained so popular? >> well, i think for john kennedy, the images that still are conjeeled in our heads and mind of the inauguration, the young president, the cuban missile rye sis and the fact
8:41 am
that the kennedy family has stayed so long in our memory means that those images get replayed over and over again. it was a good time when people were in the peace core. the fascinating thing is clinton has come far up and it's a funny story, in 1996 i participated in a historian poll and clinton was part of that poll and the historians ranked him as only average. i was at the white house dinner and sitting next to me and going on about that terrible poll. so considering that he seemed pretty grumpy, i said, i'll make you a corrupt bargain. the dodgers were thinking about leaving l.a. at that point. i said if you bring them back to brooklyn, my beloved only bronx team, i'll put you up higher on the poll. >> doris, i absolutely adore you, but i'm a big old l.a. dodgers fan, so we're going to
8:42 am
have to take issue with this at another time. >> fair enough. >> that being said, with regard to jimmy carter, what must he be thinking right now? he has seen his numbers in this last year plummet more dramatically than anybody else's. he has dropped by nine points in the popularity poll. he's just ranking above lyndon johnson. >> yeah. i think what's happened is that the american people don't really like it when their ex presidents are partisan. and he's made some statements like saying that george bush was the worst president ever, he's gotten involved in the arab lsh israeli thing. in earlier times when he was doing the philanthropic work, people loved that and thought he was the best president ever. but then he got more controversial. i think also what's happened now is in the republicans are likening obama to jimmy carter. so that usage of him as a symbolic failed president probably gets into the american people's thought. >> doris kearns goodwin, always great to speak with you.
8:43 am
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so a new report shows that cash is king for this holiday shopping season. just 17% shopped with a credit card and that is the lowest in years. we have some hot holiday gadgets to test out for you with daniel seaberg. we're glad you're here to talk about all these fun gadgets. what is this first thing? the roku box? >> yeah. it doesn't look like a whole lot. but it's able to stream all sorts of content from a wireless connection in your home to your flat screen. netflix, pandora, anything on the web that you can think of in
8:47 am
hd. it has a tiny remote, very easy to use. there's a number of media devices out there. the roku, 80 bucks. >> pretty decent, indeed. what about a sony bloggie and keyboard camera. >> there are a lot of consumer level cameras capturing high definition video. >> that's you right there. >> you can see me right there. this is the bloggy. there's the flip camera. this is a decent model that's out there now. it's about $180. you can easily share this video with friends and family. >> and you're coming in really clearly. it's nice video. >> and it feels sort of higher end than the plastics ones that are out there. there's a very good zoom on that, as well. you might have a little trouble in low light conditions. about $180. >> rock band 3. >> everybody is familiar with
8:48 am
the rock band games that are out there, right? what they've done now is you've got the instruments that typically have been plastic toys. in this case, this is an actual guitar in a sense from fender. it's got buttons up here. but it has strings down here and the game comes with a tutor. so it's possible to learn an instrument, if you can believe that. >> can we hear that? >> no. you need to hook this up to the tv. so you're not only playing the game, but you're learning the instrument as you go. one day you pick up a guitar and can impress your friends with real music. >> nick just told me only one more. for this one, can we do the dimming of the lights? >> yes. hopefully this will work. this is the microvision projector. it's a laser projector and i'm hoping that the battery is not totally dead but this is live television. >> yeah. it is what it is. >> it's capable to display images up to 100 inches. you can see here we've got a
8:49 am
little video that we can play. this is a laser projector, so technically it does not need any focus. you can see hear it's playing this. you can put it up to 100 images. >> it's really clear. >> it's pretty great for about $300. great for presentations. >> you stream content out of your iphone and ipad. it's displaying video right here. you can do presentations. i was told this is going to scare you. this is our last product right here. this is the hex bug nano. >> oh, god, that's gross. what is that? it looks like a cockroach. >> this will go for about $8. great stocking stuffer for anybody who gets grossed out by bugs. >> all right. i get grossed out by bugs. vibrating, too. >> and this actually works which i feel like a success. >> it's a success. i think you have more for us later, too, right? >> yes. >> we'll be back with a mooe
8:50 am
museum dedicated to the life of jimmy stewart which is struggling to stay open and it's hoping for a ending similar to that of "it's a wonderful life." >> just like jimmy stewart's character in theclassic "it's a wonderful life." harley runs a humble museum to the humble star in stewart's hometown of indiana, pennsylvania. >> when he gave permission to do museum, i think his words were that he didn't want a taj mahal. >> the town is a lot like bedford falls, the fictional town of it's a wonderful looim life. the museum opened when stewart was 87. the first five years were the busiest. most visitors vrp senior citizens who grew up watching stewart on the silver screen, but attendance has dropped
8:51 am
dramatically. like george bailey, the museum needs help bad. >> please help me mr. potter. won't you help me, please? >> is there a villain in this story? >> the villain would be time, john. it's the progression of those generations that are no longer with us that supported the museum. >> and so like stewart's character in the movie, the museum is looking for help, maybe even a little help from above. >> well, who are you, then? >> sam tuck, buddy, as2. >> what's that? >> angel second class. >> we are welcoming any and all clarences, john. >> harley is hoping for a hollywood happy ending. >> it would be gratifying to mr. stewart and his family that many people contributed what they could. >> to my big brother, george, the richest man in town. >> john yang, nbc news, indiana, pennsylvania. and here is a programming note. it's a wonderful life is on nbc
8:52 am
tonight at 8:00 eastern time. in berlin, doctors have for the first time captured a live birth using an mri. the images allow doctors to observe the stages of labor in three dimensiones and allows observation of the baby's heart during birth. doctors say these images could offer insight into why the birthing process sometimes stalls and winds up becoming a caesarean section. ♪ [ female announcer ] tide with acti-lift technology helps remove many dry stains as if they were fresh. dad may try to ruin your style, but dry stains won't.
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the man convicted of kidnapping elizabeth smart faces possible life in prison behind bars. a federal jury in salt lake city has found him guilty. mitchell kidnapped smart in 2002. he held her for nine months. smart says she is relieved that the trial is finally over. >> today is a wonderful day and i am so thrilled to be here. i am so thrilled with the verdict. but not only that, i am so thrilled to stand for the people
8:56 am
of america today and give hope to other victims. >> joining me live here in studio, former prosecutor and defense attorney, as well, paul kalen. what a composed young lady she is, right? >> it's remarkable. she was held in captivity, raped repeatedly and remarkable composure. >> we certainly wish her well. in terms of brian david mitchell, maybe not so much. the defense tried to use the insanity plea. what happened here? >> very difficult defense, alex. you almost never prevail with the insanity defense. however, in this case, the defense was left with no option. obviously, the case against him was overwhelming. he did kidnap her, he did rape her. so they were left only with trying coconvince the jury that he did not know the difference between right and wrong when he was doing this. and the insanity defense, b in this case me tried to say that he viewed himself as a god-like figure and, therefore, did not understand the difference between right and wrong.
8:57 am
obviously, the jury didn't buy it and he's convicted. >> didn't buy it at all, no. how difficult is it to have the victim in the courtroom in a case like that? is that commonplace? because everybody was putting their eyes on elizabeth as she had to face down this man. >> you know, i think a lot of people who had never seen an actual live trial would be disturbed to know that, no, this is not at all unusual. the victim of a rape always has to testify at the rape trial. and i have to tell you, the moment when the rape victim is sitting in the witness chair and facing down wall the person who held her captive, it's a very, very difficult moment for the victim. but it's a necessary moment because the jury has to see the victim, has to evaluate her testimony. and while the press sometimes will not list her name and if there's television coverage, usually they blank it out. the jury sees the victim and because it's important evidence. you can't have a conviction without it. and she did a great job. she held her composure. she kept her dignity and she was a wonderful witness for the
8:58 am
prosecution. >> we're going to have you back to talk about what lies ahead for brian david mitchell later after his conviction. >> thank you. new reaction from the father of miley cyrus after a videotape surfaced that allegedly showed her smoking, well, something she's not supposed to be smoking. this was me, best ribs in nelson county,
8:59 am
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